A Tribute to the Class

In a year of Fear, how can you Honor the Class of 2020?

What do we do?

In March of 2020, the world shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We had hope that we’d be returning to school, but it slowly became apparent that the world was going to be shutdown for more than just two weeks. Michael Clark, a Campus Minister at the Hall, sent me a letter one day addressed to the Senior Class. After reading through the letter many times, this was a story to be shared.

This is Just the Beginning

We wanted this video to honor and reflect on the past four years for the Class of 2020. I started reaching out to other seniors to send over videos and pictures. I said we wanted anything and everything, and that’s what we got…and that’s what we used. We wanted little casual moments of emotion from the community to help tell the story of the rollercoaster that high school is.

We launched the video on Calvert Hall Campus Ministries Instagram where it racked up 5,000 views in just two days, then it went to be posted on the Calvert Hall Facebook gaining over 20,000 views.

A Tribute to the Class of 2020

We knew there would be a Part 2. The previous three years, we would honor the senior class with a Senior Testimony. This year we would take the video to the next level partnering with the President, Bro. John Kane, and the Advancement Office to create a video that would be premiered on Facebook and later receive over 12,000 views.

A Graduation Story

We chose 5 students to write letters to different members of the Calvert Hall Community. Each letter would be filmed and read by them in a unique way. The story would be narrated by Brother John Kane, it would be a “speech” addressed to all 300 members of the Class of 2020. The Class of 2020 would be represented by a wall of photos, 25 feet wide and over 20 feet tall. Each student was on the wall.

We developed a brand on social media asking those involved with the video to share these Instagram Stories along with a countdown to the Facebook Premiere. We wanted people to know that this video was personal, showing the signature of each letter.

End of the Day

Finally the day had come, we premiered the video on May 31st 2020, the exact day and time Graduation was supposed to take place.

The Calvert Hall Class of 2020 would celebrate their Graduation later in June, but throughout the month’s of April and May we found that these videos connected the Seniors, the Parents, the Alumni, and all members of the community to celebrate their accomplishments.