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The Process

a 3 Step Plan

Section No. 1

Pre-Production ✍🏼

Let’s meet and talk the endless possibilities of your project. No idea is a bad idea. Let’s dream big, then pull it back a little bit. In this stage, we’ll work with you to plan each piece of the video from the script, locations, props, costuming, shots and more.

Production Day

Production Day 🎥

In our opinion, the most fun day. A day where we come together with you on location with talent to turn our dreams into reality. We’ll spend a day or a few days gathering all of the takes and cuts that we may need in order to put together your project later in the editing room.

Section No. 1

Post-Production 🖥️

Arguably where the magic happens…this is the time where the pieces come together in the editing room and we add visual effects, motion graphics and music to tell your story perfectly. You’ll receive cuts along the way that we can collaborate on with feedback and comments so that we’re all on the same page.

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