Greyhounds United

Loyola University Maryland

An Opportunity to Unite.

In late Summer of 2020, Loyola University Maryland announced that it would be transitioning its original plans of an on campus first semester to one fully remote. Although heartbreaking to many, the Marketing and Communications Office went into full drive trying to find ways to push a sense of unity and togetherness across the campus that was now all over the country, and even the world.

A Strong Launch

Engaging a University of over 4,000 undergraduates can be challenging. We knew that a strong launch would be crucial to the success of the campaign. While brainstorming we decided that an on campus “influencer” would be perfect for the role. Father Tim Brown is not only a Jesuit on Loyola’s Campus but also the Associate Professor of Law and Social Responsibility. He’s looked up to by many students, alumni, and faculty.

Part of the launch would be a well crafted brand behind the campaign that matches Loyola’s usual graphic design styling, color palette, and feel. Working with the Loyola MARCOMM office we were able to create a logo that presented the main theme United as well as a set of social media posts, stories, and slides.

State of the University

The State of the University is just as it sounds, it’s the State of the Union except not for the whole country. It’s a big deal, so in an all virtual world they wanted to provide something new and fresh. The end goal of Greyhounds United was to create a piece showing the widespread, diverse Loyola community and how they are still connected even when not on the Evergreen Campus in person.

The Loyola Marcomm Team

Sharon Higgins Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Michael Fleg Multimedia Producer
Amy Filardo Director, Marketing Operations
Brigid Hamilton Associate Director, Content Strategy

Amanda Mason
Mary Auletta