Ready to InnovateCollaborate

With the first large scale building project on Loyola’s campus since 2011, the Fernandez Center was the start of a new chapter that would change the University and start a new movement of Innovation & Collaboration. It was a necessary time to create something that disrupted the mainstream content released.


(the entire community)


(in a unique & innovative way)


(a new chapter of innovation)

it all started with a goal to Engage.

Loyola’s key audiences include, of course, the student population, which is largely ages 18-22. Engagement with this audience and building excitement was key, however it was crucial in building a project surrounding each member of the community, past, present and future.

at the end of the day, we had to inform.

The Fernandez Center was conceived and designed with specific uses in mind including teaching and learning, innovation, collaboration, community building, career services, and university events. The project needed to use the 20 minutes, to inform those watching of the thousands of uses for the building (without being boring.)

it had to inspire those tuning in

In reality, the building should inspire our community to innovate & collaborate, so this video should show the beautiful building, gorgeous campus, and incredible community. After almost two years of living in the pandemic world, this would exemplify the life and love that exists on Loyola’s Evergreen campus.

Ready to watch?

Seems like a pretty darn good time to give it a watch.  Check it out. The unveiling for the Fernandez Center for Innovation & Collaborative Learning.

This wouldn’t have been possible without these awesome people…

Terry Sawyer Senior Vice President
Kristin McGuire Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Ben Brewer Associate Director of Strategic Marketing
Loyola College of Arts and Sciences
Michael Fleg Multimedia Producer

Brigid Hamilton Associate Director, Content Strategy
Malia Leary Associate Director, Design
Louis Umerlik Graphic Designer
Rita Buettner Director, University Communications