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This is Us.

We want to make something Human.

Brainstorm a Plan

Once you get in touch with us, we're already thinking about different ways to make your project.

a Day on Set

A day on set can be stressful, but done the right way they can be the most fun parts of a production. Finally on site, making our dreams into a reality.

the Final Edit

We'll take the footage, and start putting it together. You'll get cuts every step of the way, and we'll work together on a finalized edit.

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”

Oscar Wilde

Let’s Tell a Story.

As human’s we’re made to feel and in a world full of so much confusion, anger, and unknowns we want to feel even more. We want to laugh, we want to cry, we want to smile. We want to help you create a video that pushes people to feel, something Human that has an emotion not just a view count or a formula.

Meet Alex

Owner, Founder, and Creative Director

Alex grew up fascinated with technology and quickly found his love for videos. Once at Calvert Hall, he created over 70 videos for the school from Campus Ministry, to Marketing, Admissions, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Activities. Alex is starting his 4 year journey at Loyola University Maryland in the Fall of 2020.

In 2018 Alex started Brune Digital Media (BDM) as a company with the main goal to create content with a purpose. We want to make things that mean something, have a message, and get your brand out there. Whether you’re a huge company or a small one just getting started, we can’t wait to work with you.

Our mission, is to create.

And guess what, there’s a story behind that.

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